English Version

Although my focus was to do this blog in spanish (oriented to the region where I am working),  I thought it may be interesting to have the blog entries also on english.

However, to do so it is a considerable job.  It already takes me a significant time to blog, and not being a native english speaker, I feel more comfortable doing it on spanish  (and translate the jobs entries to english takes a lot of time…)

Having this on mind,  I think that a good idea may be to use “automatic machine translation” on my post by default.  I am aware that  the translation may be far from perfect, and some sentences may seem meaningless, but is better than nothing.   The translator also “breaks” the format, and the look & feel may be different and more caotic, but is better than nothing.

I will manually edit the entries that I think are more attractive, but please be aware it may take me some time,  and probably a few weeks to have those entries updated.   Also, if the post itself points to an external video, presentation, or link, that content may take longer to be translated (and sometimes, not being possible or have slight changes).  Also, comments to post will not be translated.

The english release is available at http://gorostidi.net/en